Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten and a half reasons why I am an honorary Asian.

1. I read manga. (narutooooo!!!!)
2. I am a nerd. And IB. And smart. And a nerd.
3.I have an Asian cousin in Hong-Kong (she is also IB!!!!)
4. A large percentage of my friends are of Asian or part Asian blood.
5. I just percentigized my friends.
7. I had Jhondis when I was born (which means my skin was yellowish. I was yellow. It counts.)
8. I know how to use chopsticks and can use them efficiently.
9. I have been mistaken for Asian before.
10. I know how to say more than ni-how. Or however you would phonetically spell that.
10.5. I have done origami before. It is very frustrating, especially when the instructions are on the back of the sheet of paper you're trying to origamitize.

1 comment:

  1. I was often asked if I was part Asian when I was young. Maybe it's a Goodnight thing. :-) Hope all is well with you, Rachel. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!