Thursday, April 7, 2011

Would you like fries with that burn???

Ok, calm down people! I realize that it is fries with that shake and ice with that burn. But what fun is it saying that? I prefer to say fries with that burn. It is MUCH more entertaining. I mean, just next time you feel the need to express the pwnage of someone, just say it! Its not actually that hard. Really. I promise you no bodily harm will come to you in saying it. I pinky swear. All you have to say is "Would you like fries with that burn?"

I'm completely serious, too. Its just so much more fun! So much fun, actually, that my French class last year had a full-out-awesome-teacher***-included debate.* They were determined to get me to understand and say one of the two un-fun quotes above.
What they did NOT know was that I understood them perfectly.
And was determined NOT to say one of the two un-fun quotes above. I am a very stubborn person.

*Advanced kids just have no sense of humor and will debate about anything. Because they are advanced.

**Ok. I was just kidding. Advanced kids have a sense of humor, just an over-analysing one. Im advanced. I should know.

***Shout out to Ms. Maltby!!! Best French teacher ever! The plays just aren't the same without you. AT ALL. Darn you Holman!!!!!


  1. Lol, nice, Jenyus. Moody sounds incredibly strange. But then again, I already knew it was. ;)