Harry Potter

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A Harry Potter fanfic by my BFF The Bubblegum Princess (Sarah W.) (with generous input from yours truly)
FYI this is about the Hogwarts next generation. Rose is Hermione and (Spoiler Alert!) Ron's kid. Violet is Lavender and Seamus' kid, and Laurel is Zacharias and some random person's kid. Molly is Rose's cousin, the daughter of Percy and Audrey, and Michael is Violet's little bro.
Does Violet remind you of anyone? :D
“I can’t believe this!” groaned Violet, throwing her bag beneath the beech tree, and sitting down heavily beside it. Rose rolled her eyes and sat down too.
“Can’t believe what, Vi?” asked Laurel, absentmindedly fiddling with her braids.
“Professor Peregrine! He gave us way too much homework! A whole sixteen inches on defensive theory!”
Laurel made a face. Rose shrugged and leaned against the trunk of the tree, gazing out toward the lake. Small glimpses of the squid could be seen moving through the clear water. “Are you absolutely sure it was sixteen?”
“Yes, Rose. If he had given us any more than sixteen, I would have said or done something inexcusable, and we would all have remembered that.”
“Oh,” said Rose, relaxing a little. “Good, I thought I hadn’t written enough. It’s alright, though. I wrote twenty inches during class, thinking that’s what the assignment was.”
“During class?” asked Violet, incredulous. “How the bloody-!”
She was cut off by a third-year girl racing up to them and dropping her bag beside Rose. A tiny groan escaped Rose’s lips as she turned to face the newcomer, but her expression immediately cleared.
“Hello, Molly. What brings you over here?”
“Well, I wanted to ask you about- hey, aren’t you Michael Finnigan’s sister?” giggled Molly, turning to Violet.
“In what context?” asked Violet, looking suspiciously at Molly. Rose stifled a grin at her friend’s antics.
Molly said nothing, her expression was actually rather blank.
“Yes, he’s my brother,” sighed Violet. “Unfortunately.” she added in an undertone. Laurel gave a small chuckle, much to Molly’s momentary confusion.
“Well, do you know if he’s going to Hogsmeade with anyone?”
“Michael? Hogsmeade?” asked Rose, her face slowly splitting into a wide grin. “Does this mean what I think it means, Molly?”
A hint of pink crept into Molly’s cheeks. “Er . . .”
“Merlin’s pants!” exclaimed Violet, turning to Rose, hardly able to restrain her laughter. “Can it be? Our little Molly-wolly has a crush on Michael?” the three fifth years feigned shock, Laurel even going so far as to faint into Rose’s lap.
Molly’s face turned redder. “I- er . . . well, he . . . erm . . .” she stammered, staring at her shoes.
Laurel snorted despite herself, which only made things worse. Molly rushed to pick up her bag again.
“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t!” exclaimed Molly shrilly, turning to go. Rose panicked. She was sure to get in trouble for her cousin’s hurt feelings in one way or another.
Do something,” she hissed to Violet, hoping to avoid an angry letter from her mother.
“Wait!” called Violet. Molly turned around slowly.
“I just so happen to know,” said Violet slyly, “That Michael is going to Hogsmeade with a certain Genevieve Goyle Saturday next. Personally, I think she is a right foul . . . well, my brother never did have taste. He’d be much better off with someone like you, Molly-opkins.”
This made Molly go even redder than before, right down to the roots of her strawberry-blonde hair.
“Thanks anyway,” she said shortly, turning again and dashing back to her group of friends.
Rose turned back to Violet, frowning. Violet braced herself for one of Rose’s lectures.
“Are you absolutely sure it was sixteen inches?”
Violet groaned, and fell backwards so she lay spread-eagled in the grass. Laurel burst out laughing at the familiarity of the situation, and Rose joined in soon after. Even Violet laughed as the sun fell upon their smiling faces.