Those Words that aren't really words that you type into the verification box

You know those words that you have to type into verification boxes when posting or signing up for something? Well thats what the following list of words are and the definitions I made up for them. :)

•Dingsawp - The sound a bell makes when stuck inside a vacuum cleaner; An insult meaning dumb, as in "Shut up you dingsawp! There are NOT 403 days in a year!" synonyms: Knucklehead, thick-skull, ding-dong, stupid, dumb, antidisestablishmentarianism.

•Susluden - Adj. Any Dr. Suess like word, object, rhyme, etc. Origin: Suess-Laden.
  "That is a very Susluden poem!"

Tabibled - verb, adj. Tickled pink, tickled silly, or just tickled really hared; laughed really really loud.
 "My best friend just tabibled me!"










•prood - a misspelled way of saying "prude". A mix between a prune and a fruit.



•umbofferiu - an umbrella made from persian cat hair




•upersounce - a kind of sound wave emitted by a dark, metal, normal or electric type Pokemon standing on a rainbow



•comain - a come's place of worship

•doptopyic - someone who has an irrational fear of a doctor wearing a sunhat pushing them of a roof



Funtacular words

•Blarg -- A more fun way of saying blog. I can't take credit for this, but this blarg (!!!) can: I'd like cheese on my entire family!: why do you insist on calling this a blarg?

•Antidisestablishmentarianism -- the principles of those who oppose the with-drawal of the recognition     or support of the state from an established church, usually used in referring to the Anglican church in the 19th century in England

•Awesomesauce -- Something extremely awesome; Clearly cool and fun; Those socks are totally awesomesauce.

Rachel (and friends) words

•Morer -- More more that just more. Origin - Japaniyah

•Morerist -- More than morer; as more as you can get; also, Moreist. Origin - Japaniyah

 •Demested -- de-MEST-ed - The mistaken way of saying "demented." Can also be used to say "domestic." As in "That is a demested smiley face" or "lets do some demested house work." Origin - Rachel + Sarah

•Noy -- a mistaken way of saying "not," as in "No I'm noy!" Origin - Biz

•Nummy -- NUM-mee -- am alternative way to say "yummy," or "delicious," as in "Thank you, mother, the food was quite nummy," Origin - Rachel

•Psheew -- said really fast, onomatopoeia, used when you have no comeback or response. Origin - Aniya

•Omninese -- A people in Asia that worship the knee as the most important and sacred part of the body. Origin - Biz