Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why I Love Television.

Exhibit 1:
One of my favorite TV shows is Psych, a hilarious cop show about a very sarcastic guy named Shaun who pretends to be psychic and helps the cops solve crimes.
This is a few lines from the last episode:
Detective Lassiter: You are done waisting our time.
Shaun: I'll say when I'm done!
Shaun: Alright, I'm done waisting everyone's time. Besides, I'm missing a Phineas and Ferb marathon. Perry the Platypus! He's a real platypus.

Exhibit 2:
A few lines from community:
Abed: I think I can explain. Pierce's positrons have been negatized, creating Anti-Pierce. It happens all he time in Inspector Spacetime.
Trent: Yeah, but Anti-Inspector had a funny mustache and was kinda rapey.
Annie: I don't think his positrons have been negatized.
Abed: Thats exactly what Constable Reggie said.

Ok. So Community just parodied Doctor Who and Star Trek by mushing them together. I mean, thats kinda amazingly awesomesauce. Just saying.

And that is why I love television. One of my favorite shows, talking about another of my favorite shows. Everything is now right in the world,

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