Friday, August 26, 2011

A list of useless things that no one needs to know about me.

I figure its about time.

1. I have a perfectly useless brother.
2. I am considered a vedy vedy slow typist by some.
3. My favorite super hero is Green Lantern because he harnesses the power of imagination with a piece of jewelry.
4. My most current goal is to succeed in Nerd-dom.
5. I talk about the time space continuum on roller coasters.
6. I am a dementor, and am therefore not gender specific. But I am a girl.
7. My favorite movies are The Princess Bride and Montey Python and the Holy Grail. Because they are both very quotable.
8. My favorite cartoons are Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, and Invader Zim.
9. But I also love the Power Puff Girls. Because how could you go wrong with that.
10. I am a trekkie.
11. And I like True Trek, or Original Trek, because Spock conquers all.
12. I deeply appreciate that spell check accepts "Spock" as real a word, and from now on will insist on calling it spell Trek.
12. But I am disappointed that Spell Trek won't accept Dementor.
13. My favorite number is 2.
14. I am not over the age of 23-ish.
15. I enjoy using asterisks to express my feelings. *typedy, typedy, type.*
16. I bet you didn't notice that I used 12 twice.
17. I sometimes have laughy fits, where i cannot stop laughing no matter how unfunny something is. I think my record is somewhere around 30-45 minutes. I hope I am not alone on this.
18. I am on a quest to become a Whovian, which means that I've seen 3 episodes of Dr. Who and plan to see more.
19. My favorite allegiance is Harry Potter. I think my favorite book is number 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, because of the surprise plot twist and the fact that Malfoy (<-- also not spellchecked!) gets turned into a ferret. But it also may be thatI just finished that one,
20. I own all the Harry Potter Books, and am rereading them for the third time. I also own Ginny's wand and a snazzy cape.
21. I enjoy roller skating and want to join a roller derby team, but i'm too young. If ten year olds are allowed to play football, you would think... *grumble grumble grumble*
22. I am a true believer that all books are better then their movie counterpart.
23. I like to stand in the middle of my street during a thunder storm and have a movie moment, when I pretend that I'm in a dramatic movie scene.
24. I like caramel better than chocolate. Nom nom nom.
25. I enjoy saying nom nom nom.
26. When words are not accurate to describe my feelings, i make words up.
27. I enjoy singing my math homework. Well, I'll sing anything really. But preferably my math homework.
28. I'm growing very fond of blogging. :)

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