Friday, August 26, 2011

Apples to Rambles

While playing apples to apples, a game which you shall die if not knowing, My brother got a green adjective card that said "good." That was all. after agreeing that this card was very vague, my mom, dad, and I all happened to put down food. I put down peanut butter. My brother proceeded to immediately throw away cherry pie, to which my mother responded by turning to me and making a very strange face with an exclamatory "Really?" I then proceeded to win with peanut butter. The following conversation...well...followed:

Mom: "Really? Peanut Butter over Birthday Cake and Cherry Pie?"
Eli: "Well, what does cherry pie do for society?"

I immediately burst into the kind of laughter only i can produce, while mommy dearest made an exasperated sound. I am still giggling on the inside. Tehe.

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