Sunday, January 30, 2011


Blogs are stupid, I admit it. I am the first one to say it. I only started this because I had nothing better to do. Actually, I have lots of better things to do, which is why I hardly ever got on. And because I want this to be different, I am not going to start this blog by saying "Welcome to my blog" or something cheesy like that.
So I'm going to write about something random: cheese. Like I just said.
I hate it when people use that saying, because who doesn't like cheese? Saying something is cheesy should be a compliment. I mean, I would put cheese in my list of top ten favorite foods. Now saying something is corny, I don't mind that, because I don't especially like corn. But cheese? Come on, now people.

This is the first time using this drawing application. Give me a break people. Gosh.

And that was your first dose of my ramblings.